Greetings one and all!

The next External Letter of Intent to register the following names and 
devices was posted today to OSCAR. Laurel will be considering these 
items at their March 2015 meeting:

Ælin Kausi - New Name
Arina cel Tinar - New Name
Ása Ottósdóttir - New Name
Ffelix Æskelsson - Resub Device
Gobbán Mac Roibeáird - Resub Device
Halldóra Guðrøðardóttir - Resub Device
Káta in bareyska - New Name Change & New Device Change
Kathryn McLain of Faire Haven - New Household Name & New Badge
Philip of Crescent Moon - Resub Device
Vitaros Czygan - New Name

Ich hilfe,
Brigida Saker

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