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> Our recent losses make one think about the past and future. What will happen to all our neat SCA stuff? Everyone should have at least a discussion with loved ones regarding their "SCA will", if not an actual legal document. And these can be hard thoughts.

What are the options? What happens if you die without releasing your SCA heraldry?

> I asked Gerald Goodwine what he would want done with the Great Machine. I don't have the passion to set up and run it, yet it is not just a project to display on the shelf, but requires use. He is still thinking about that. None of our bio-children are anywhere near a place in life to manage it, and may or may not ever develop the passion.

I take it you are married or otherwise connected with him? I would love to have an article for the Florilegium explaining the purpose/history of this particular machine. Or one that also talks about the history and use of similar machines. I’ve mentioned this to him, but he didn’t feel he had the writing ability to write it up on his own. Perhaps you, or someone else, can help or do the job?

Since I’m no longer free to travel, I’m unlikely to see it in action. :-( An article like this would let others like me experience this machine and learn from what Gerald has done.

My standard policy is that the copyright remains with the author and I accept updates at any time. I can also handle diagrams and photographs.

> Also, your local herald can assist with registering a "heraldic will" - that makes it easier to deal with permission to conflict questions. There are a variety of options. You can even will your complete arms to another person. 
> This post brought to you by the knight's chain, belt & armor that was found for sale at an estate auction.

I’ve known of this in general, but I’m unsure of the details and options or how I would do this heraldic will. Again, if someone would like to write an article on this heraldic will, I’d love to add it to the Florilegium.

And I’ve not decided what to do with the Florilegium. Anyone interested in becoming an assistant and perhaps taking it over when I’m no longer going to be doing it?

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