Tibor, can you post a link to the census summary document again? I'd like to refresh my memory on the numbers you mention.


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On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Mark Schuldenfrei <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On 12/4/2014 6:05 PM, Steven Boyd wrote:
Whether there should be three peerages, with or without recognition
of "ancillary martial arts", or four peerages with the fourth
including all three of those activities is a reasonable question to
discuss.  The current proposal condemns the Society to another decade
arguing what is worth a peerage.

My thinking of our structure for Peerages is relatively unchanged -
and has been this way for a very long time.

Someone forwarded a Facebook post to me, that has added to that
opinion. (I hate Facebook.)

I prefer to have a "framework" as a way of thinking about things,
and for me the Peerages are a simple framework for rewarding the
best of what makes this organization tick.

  Pelican: is for doing service and infrastructure work for the SCA.
  Laurel: is for doing what the SCA does, training and teaching.
  Chivalry: are the ur-Peerage, and are "sports heroes".

While, on paper, the Chivalry are just an award for being
excellent at knocking bodies with sticks, in practice the
Chivalry are the inspiration and source for everything we
have ever come to be as an organization and the men and
women in it take that inspirational role very seriously.

You don't get a Peerage for being just "good at something".
You get it for helping the organization be, and grow, and
remain true to itself.

In some places within the Society (maybe not yet Calontir,
but certainly in some), it may be time for the Chivalry to
be PERMITTED and ENCOURAGED to add martially inspirational
people to their Peerage who do not perform their art with

This would have the benefit of leaving the core framework
alone, while slowly encouraging rapier to integrate more
fully into what exists.  I am not a member of the Chivalry,
but I think if faced with that possibility/opportunity,
and if made aware how it could heal the discord that exists,
I think they'd slowly consider it.

I think the Board should remove the Corpora language that
prevents the Chivalry from accepting qualified C&T or
rapier practitioners, and then it should strongly encourage
the Chivalry (and the other orders, as appropriate) to act.

And wait.

If, in a few years or so, the Chivalry (and other Peerages)
haven't worked to heal the rift, perhaps then it is time
for the Board to upset the applecart.

Right now (if the 2010 Census means anything), most people
don't want changes, but those that answered the rapier
question positively, mostly wanted to use existing Peerages.

Why don't we do what people wanted?


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