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CALONTIR acceptances 
* Aldred Ketcham. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Nice 16th century English name!
* Allison of Forgotten Sea. Name.
Forgotten Sea is the registered name of an SCA branch.
* Anna jarlamóðir. Name and device. Azure, on a sun between three roundels Or a triskelion of spirals gules.
The question was raised whether the byname jarlamóðir ("mother of earls") makes a claim to rank and is presumptuous. Precedent states:
In June 1994, Laurel ruled:
[Registering Mark FitzRoy.] RfS VI.1. states that "Names documented to have been used in period may be used, even if they were derived from titles, provided there is no suggestion of territorial claim or explicit assertion of rank." FitzRoy meets that criteria. RfS VI.3. states that "Names that unmistakably imply identity with or close relationship to a protected person or literary character will generally not be registered." There is no implication of "identity with or close relationship to" any protected individual or character as used here. Consequently, the surname here is not considered pretentious. [6/94, p.8]
Here as well, the name is documented to have been used in period, and there is no territorial claim, assertion of rank, or close relationship to a protected individual on the part of the submitter. Therefore, it can be registered.
We would welcome further discussion of whether Rabbi is an appropriate equivalent to Master. We note that this precedent would not be affected by a decision to consider it equivalent to Master, as the existing precedent allows the claim to be related to a kind of person with rank (when that claim does not imply a rank on the part of the submitter). The combination Rabbi Mendel is not sufficient to unmistakably make a claim to relationship with a protected person, which we would not allow. [Katherine de Staverton. Alternate name Judith bas Rabbi Mendel, Feb. 2011, A-East]
Although Earl is a protected title in the SCA, the byname jarlamóðir does not make the claim that the submitter herself is an Earl. Merely being related to someone of a certain rank does not necessarily mean that the name is presumptuous.
The submitter has permission from her legal son, a duke in the SCA, to use the submitted byname in order to claim a relationship with him. This permission was not necessary, as there is no unmistakable claim of close relationship to a protected individual.
There is a step from period practice for the use of a triskelion of spirals.
* Finán mac Crimthainn. Name and device. Azure, a fox passant Or and a chief argent.
Nice device!
* Hans Krieger. Name.
Nice 16th century German name!
* Loch Bheathrach, Canton of. Branch name and device. Argent, a sea-serpent ondoyant, in chief two laurel wreaths vert, a base wavy barry wavy vert and argent.
In commentary, Brían dorcha ua Conaill documented the attested Loch Bethrach (Annals of Innisfallen) and Loch Beathrach (Annals of Ulster). The submitted (and lenited) spelling Bheathrach is justified by the example Sròn a' Bheathrach documented in the Letter of Intent.
The historical location Loch Bheathrach is not important enough to protect. Therefore, we are able to register this name.
* Sveinn Njalsson. Name change from Svein Njalsson.
The submitter's previous name, Svein Njalsson, is released. 
CALONTIR returns  
* Aldred Ketcham. Device. Per chevron argent and vert, a tower counterchanged between in fess two swords vert.
This submission has been withdrawn by the Kingdom.
* Tigernán Otterburn. Badge. (Fieldless) A phoenix Or winged gules rising from flames Or.
This badge is returned for conflict with the device of Harald Haakonson, Per chevron argent and vert, in base a phoenix Or. The wings represent about one-fourth of the charge and thus the only DC is for the field. It is also in conflict with the device of Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch, Gyronny sable and gules, a phoenix Or, issuant from flames proper. There is one DC for the field but, in both cases, the phoenix is primarily Or and thus there is not a DC between them.
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