I always twitch about about commenting on some of these threads, because while I travel there a lot, I don't live in Calontir.  Having said that, Alban, your statement shows your beliefs, not what is.

"...the Chivalry for martial arts".  

The SCA order of the Chivalry is awarded for excellence in rattan combat, not in martial arts.  You may feel that it *should* be that way, but that is not representative of what it is.

Great at Shinai fighting -> Not a SCA knight.
Great at Ju-jitsu -> Not a SCA knight.
Great at Boffer -> Not a SCA knight.
Great at jousting -> Not a SCA knight.
Great at Greco-Roman wrestling -> not a SCA knight.

There are hundreds (thousands?) of martial arts, and proficiency in only 1 of them will make you elegible for SCA knighthood.  I do not find it unusual for 2000 members skilled in this one art form to be uncomfortable or unwilling to change the membership requirements as it would be for 2000 Karate practitioners to suddenly award belts to SCA knights.


On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 11:05 AM, Ted Eisenstein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
The SCA currently has three peerages - the Laurel for arts and sciences, the Pelican for
service, the Chivalry for martial arts. In Calontir, the very strong tradition was for a long
while against allowing "cut and thrust", aka fencing, at all; obviously, if no-one could
do it, there'd be no reason to allow a fourth peerage for that activity.

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