I think Leofwyna's words say it all. I am at a loss for my own.

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Date: Dec 8, 2014 4:51 AM
Subject: Pray for Toli
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I'm sorry I only have sad news.  The decision has been made to remove Toli
from the ventilator Monday morning (as soon as his brother Tom has had time
to come from Kansas)  After a  conference with the Organ Retrieval
Coordinator the decision was modified to declaring brain death and leaving
him on the ventilator so he can become an organ donor.  Thus our bighearted
friend will continue to live on in the lives of others.  He'd like that.

Toli's mom was already here.  Her parents and sister arrived quickly and
have been here a while.  Larry and more of Shelly's family got here a
little while go.  She is well supported.  She is handling things as well as
this nightmare can be handled.  My heart hurts to see her.  She thinks only
of not putting him through anything more.   We all want peace for him.

We were so lucky to have a friend like him in our lives, weren't we?

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