On behalf of Larry and Shelly, I send you this:

Hi All,

                I’ve been searching for pictures of Tim for a photo slideshow/montage at the funeral. I’ve uploaded the ones I’ve found so far to the UNL dropbox:

The file 'timpics.zip' (2.9 MB) is available for download at

< http://dropbox.unl.edu/uploads/20141224/952baa7b4dd8df77/timpics.zip >

for the next 14 days.

It will be removed after Wednesday, December 24, 2014.


If anyone would like to have them. Also, if anyone has pictures they can scan that you’d like to send Shelly, I can pass those along or send them directly to her sister, Kelly at [log in to unmask].


Larry James

ResNet Manager 402-472-3535

RM 134 Sandoz Residence Hall

402-472-5227 [log in to unmask]


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