Thought this was a really neat idea.  Any architectural types want to
submit a design proposal?

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Date: Dec 14, 2014 4:41 PM
Subject: [CALONTIR] Call for Bids - Build a Castle
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Unto all craftspeople who see these words do Josef and Slaine, Baron and
Baroness of Three Rivers, send greetings.

At the Gathering of the Chieftains We will accept bids from those who would
build a castle for Us in the Barony of Three Rivers. (Alas, we do not have
the funds to really build such a structure but let's play along.) Those who
would compete in earnest please bring a display such as a model or plan of
your ideas. Group entries are encouraged (such as cooks designing the
kitchen, glassworkers designing windows, etc.) We hope this is a fun way to
think about medieval art and architecture.
Some things to think about:
We imagine this castle on the bluffs overlooking one of our rivers.
Defense- There are whispers again from the Barony of Grey Niche, our long
time frenemy!
Gathering space for a few hundred people - We Three Riverians like to hang
out with each other.
An excellent courtyard for martial activities
Stables - The First Horse of Calontir lives around here!
Living space for a family and their retainers

Please let Us know if you have any questions. [log in to unmask]
or Baroness Slaine is available through Facebook at Mary Slaine Haselbauer´╗┐
. Feel free to forward this missive to those who might be interested. We
are eager to see what your creativity comes up with.
Baron Josef and Baroness Slaine

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