Unto the populace of Mag Mor and our friends,

I have been given the go-ahead by Sabina to share this news with you.  Some of us are aware, but many are not.  This concerns our dear friend and long-time  baronial member, Toli the Curious.

A week ago from today, Toli took a bad fall and broke 2 of the vertebrae in his neck (C1 and C5 for those who are medically inclined).  After a trip to the ER and then an ambulance ride to UNMC, he was placed in intensive care.  Over the course of the past week, the doctors suspect that he has suffered at least one stroke and they have positively diagnosed pneumonia.

Currently, Toli is still in intensive care and is being treated for pneumonia and the attendant breathing problems that go with such, receiving O.T. to help him start regaining movement and strength again in his arms, and numerous tests to monitor the fluids that are causing cerebral pressure. 

Toli has been able to respond somewhat through eye movement to questions.  It does not appear that there is nerve damage to his spine from the breaks at this time.

Sabina is taking this situation one hour at a time.  Small improvements and set backs continue to happen.  She has her family and Toli's mother with her as she sits her vigil at the hospital. 

There is a small core of Mag Morons that are taking turns visiting.  Sabina would, at this time, like to keep it at that and asks that you do not contact her directly for information as she is juggling the need to care for Toli, to answer her phone for well-wishers, and feels obligated to visit with all visitors.  Needless to say, she's not getting much sleep right now.  Additionally, Toli cannot have very many visitors in his room lest he be stressed too much and has another set back.  I have volunteered to be the contact point for anyone who wishes to know more or offer help. 

Your prayers and positive energies are very definitely needed.

You are welcome to share this message with others who might want to know and offer their prayers and thoughts up for Toli.  I just ask that you use this message in it's entirety so that we can spare Sabina any extra correspondence obligations.

In humble service,
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