Hi all. Can anyone tell me if there is a reason why two projectors, 
whose specs are the same, one is really fine and the other is not? I 
purchased a projector a few years ago and have never been really happy 
with it. When looking close at the projected image, the grid is much 
larger, like 4-8 times larger than the projector in my art class. it's 
so clunky, the image there is no detail just globs.

They are two different brands, but the sales specs are the same. Same 
computer, same cords, same FILE, but just cruddy projection. About the 
same distance, too.

I called tech support some months ago and they said there is nothing I 
can do to make it sharper, no selection to be made that adjusts the size 
of the squares that makes up the whole image..

Is this the difference between a $400 projector and an $800 projector.
Seems like there should be some relation to the specs and the quality of 
the projected image.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Linda M. Feltner Artist, LLC
P.O. Box 325
Hereford, AZ 85615
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