It seems likely that the InFocus IN100 is a SVGA (800x600px) it is a discontinued model, so I can 
tell for sure. But I would not be surprized to be able to see the square pixels when projected on a 
wall or screen.  Most projectors are 1024x768 or even 1920x1280, if you are willing to spend about $800.

If you can see the square pixels, I am thinking the lens is good, otherwise a blurry lens would not 
show the edges of the pixels.


On 12/26/14 10:19 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
> Hi Mali:
> yes, the holidays keep us out of the office and off line.
> the two that are used at the art institute are:
> The projector with the arm attachment is a Toshiba TLP-XC 2500.
> The more simple projector without the arm attachment is a Hitachi CP-X251 Multimedia LCD Projector.
> both of these are very sharp, I use the Hitachi more, and it's good.
> The one I bought for myself is a InFocus IN100-series, and it's not good. Wish I had gone for the
> Epson or Hitachi.
> YOu may want to check the GNSI archives, this discussion also covered 2011, the models are probably
> discontinued, but the advice is sound.
> Best,
> Linda

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