Hi All and hope you are staying warm and dry....

I love drawing on toned paper. Recently I bought a tan and gray toned sketchbook from Strathmore, using 400 series paper. 
It's lovely, but it's a hard and slick surface. I can't use my Gelly Roll white pens on it. I also can't get any good tooth out of my Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils, or Derwent w/c pencils. Wet white gouache works ok, but I like a chalky-pencil-like texture. I also tried a Spectracolor beige pencil, and it's just not lying down without really heavy marks and that won't work either. 

So, Does Strathmore make a textured toned paper in a spiral sketchbook? I can't seem to find it listed. I'd rather sketch on kraft paper, it has a nice tooth! I liked the spiral bound book, much easier to carry i the field than loose sheets. 
I see loads of folks sketching using the white Gelly Roll pen, but not on this paper. Any thoughts? 

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