True, I didn't give the exact model number. 
I have tried to reset the display resolution and tried it on all of the settings. I will look at that again today. As memory serves, it would not allow some resolutions, and on some settings it changed the aspect ratio of the computer, changed all the color to green and purple, and other wierdness. I remember calling tech support when I set it up and talked to them about using my MacBook Pro. They were not helpful, being mostly familiar with non-macs. So I didn't feel I entirely resolved the issue with them. I shall investigate what settings it "likes" and which one it simply rejects. I am using the VGA cord (it came with) as well as a VGA adapter for the Mac laptop.  Perhaps I"ll look at the other ports. 

Thanks for this, Britt. 
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On Dec 29, 2014, at 8:53 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:

It was not clear from your previous message which model you had. Are you sure it is set to the top resolution? The projectors are normally able to use lower resolutions, and sometimes computers default to these lower resolutions when it is not sure what is attached to it. The computer may need to be told send information at a higher resolution. When the computer is hooked to the projector, bring up the system preferences for Displays and see what resolution is selected.


On 12/29/14 10:42 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
Thanks, Britt:
The exact model is an InFocus IN104. On the specs, it said the native resolution was 1024x768.
Aspect Ratio 4:3 (XGA). So I assumed that that would be the equivalent of other machines that I
compared to that said their native res was the same.
I am reading about the difference from a SVGA and an XGA machine. But I'm getting lost.

I can see the square pixels on the good machines I like at the museum. That seems to be normal. What
it looks like is that the resolution is just not as good. And I can see square pixels on this machine.

So if there is an underlying definition behind the specs, and I just compared the written specs,
without considering the SVGA aspect, then I was just shopping ignorant. I can read all the technical
specs and get totally overloaded with hoo-haa sales talk. So, when they write down the resolution in
black and white..... that's sort of what I expect it to be...

Thanks much,

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