Interesting. I do use a PPT program at the museum. Sometimes I set it to run on two screens. Mostly not. 
At home I have not tried to project the PPT program. I use it mainly to project a working drawing or final sketch onto the good paper. Those files are either .psd, .tiff or .jpeg.  I don't think I've tried a .pdf file.hmmm..

I have used the same VGA adaptor for several years, in workshops at the conference, various workshops, and at the museum. It seems to perform fine. But I will inspect the pins, regardless.

One thing I have noticed with pencil drawings projected. This also happened in the classroom at the last conference. The photos look fine. But any working drawing pencil sketch which could have been a JPEG or PDF of 150-300dpi, projected in a pitiful manner. Very pixelated. I asked the technician at the time could we get any better resolution out of it, and he looked at the Display preferences to see if we were using the highest res possible. Apparently we were.

So it remains curious. I have a series of workshops coming up and may have to do a test experiment using the same images, making notes of the resolution settings of the computer and any other influence. 

Cheers, I'll look at what you mentioned.
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On Dec 29, 2014, at 11:33 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:

> Indeed, if you are mirroring the computer and the projector, you will either get a distorted projection or a reduced and cropped computer screen. If you are not mirroring, then the projector acts as a second properly proportioned screen, while leaving your computer display alone. You can set Power point to run on two screens, projector displaying the presentation and the computer displaying the notes.
> The color issues sound like a typical problem when not all the VGA pins are connecting for the connecting cable or adapter. look for bent or broken pins in the cable ends or try a new (borrowed) adapter.
> Britt
> On 12/29/14 11:07 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:
>> True, I didn't give the exact model number.
>> I have tried to reset the display resolution and tried it on all of the settings. I will look at
>> that again today. As memory serves, it would not allow some resolutions, and on some settings it
>> changed the aspect ratio of the computer, changed all the color to green and purple, and other
>> wierdness. I remember calling tech support when I set it up and talked to them about using my
>> MacBook Pro. They were not helpful, being mostly familiar with non-macs. So I didn't feel I entirely
>> resolved the issue with them. I shall investigate what settings it "likes" and which one it simply
>> rejects. I am using the VGA cord (it came with) as well as a VGA adapter for the Mac laptop.
>>  Perhaps I"ll look at the other ports.
>> Thanks for this, Britt.
>> Linda
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