That is oddly reassuring.... I thought it might be some other thing that I was not doing, but could not determine what. I usually have to increase the contrast and curves in a pencil sketch before it will project with any strength enough to show it at all. In my workshops I show a lot of working drawings in pencil, so I have to adjust the real drawings quite a bit to get my meaning cross. 

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On Dec 29, 2014, at 12:01 PM, Britt Griswold wrote:

Pencil and pen an ink drawings may be very susceptible to a pix-elated appearance. It might depend more heavily on the type/quality of projection screen in the projector. I suspect the ability to show the light and dark greys is not up to snuff, so they go more black and white, thus making the image look more pix-elated on high contrast images where there are only 1024 x 768 pixels to represent the image.

I don't think the image format, other than a very compressed JPG, would matter.


On 12/29/14 1:50 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:
Interesting. I do use a PPT program at the museum. Sometimes I set it to run on two screens. Mostly
At home I have not tried to project the PPT program. I use it mainly to project a working drawing or
final sketch onto the good paper. Those files are either .psd, .tiff or .jpeg.  I don't think I've
tried a .pdf file.hmmm..

I have used the same VGA adaptor for several years, in workshops at the conference, various
workshops, and at the museum. It seems to perform fine. But I will inspect the pins, regardless.

One thing I have noticed with pencil drawings projected. This also happened in the classroom at the
last conference. The photos look fine. But any working drawing pencil sketch which could have been a
JPEG or PDF of 150-300dpi, projected in a pitiful manner. Very pixelated. I asked the technician at
the time could we get any better resolution out of it, and he looked at the Display preferences to
see if we were using the highest res possible. Apparently we were.

So it remains curious. I have a series of workshops coming up and may have to do a test experiment
using the same images, making notes of the resolution settings of the computer and any other influence.

Cheers, I'll look at what you mentioned.

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