The comments on Bob have been great –yes, he was bright, a great scholar, a great speaker, and had a great sense of humor.  I can only add that he was also very generous with his time and he always responded positively whenever I asked him to do something for AFEE –committee, panel, or whatever.  My emails to Bob almost always started with “I need x or y.”  He never seemed to mind.  A great loss.  


Jim Peach, Regents Professor and

Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA

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Bob was blessed with a keen intellect, a wonderful sense of humor, and was such an engaging speaker. His presentations were among the most memorable I witnessed. Such a loss!


Dave Zalewski

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This is such sad news.  I remember meeting Bob in New Orleans when he gave his first AFEE presentation.  We sat and talked for a long time afterwards.  The intelligence that he brought to the study of real economies impressed me greatly and continued to impress me over the years.  We have lost someone special.


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Sorry for late reaction. morning in Europe now. And this news first. What a shock!


Bob was in boston, few weeks ago …


We all here in Bremen lively remember that bob’s presidential address some years ago was among the best we had ever heard.


How sad …








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* Trust and Arena Size. Expectations, Institutions, General Trust, and Critical Population and Group Sizes, JoIE—Journal of Institutional Economics, 10.1, 2014, 107-134.


*  Ed., Special Issue games, „Game Theory and Institutional Economics“, 2014;


* From Emergent Cooperation to Contextual Trust, and to General Trust: Overlapping Meso-Sized Interaction Arenas and Cooperation Platforms as a Foundation of Pro-Social Behavior, with H. Schwardt, FSE—Forum for Social Economics 44.1, 2015, 69-86;


*  Social Economics and Evolutionary Institutionalism Today. Theoretical Components and “Heterodox” Convergence in a Socio-Economic Perspective, FSE—Forum for Social Economics, 44, 2015 (forthcoming),



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I'm very sorry to inform the AFEE community that Bob Prasch died this past weekend. I'm waiting for information from the chair of the Middlebury department and will pass this on when I have it.


John F. Henry

Department of Economics

University of Missouri-Kansas City

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