Some commentary by BoD members reaffirm Monica's take on things. I will
repost here for those not on FB

Why I Voted No
I went to Milpitas Thursday evening thinking that I would vote yes to the
proposal to add an additional peerage to the Society for Creative
Anachronism and the measure would probably be passed by the Board of
Directors. We received a flood of comments from the membership over the
last several days and I took the time to read each and every one, sometimes
over and over.

The comments that continued to resonate with something deep within me were
from Knights and Crowns of the known world who declared forthrightly that
prowess was prowess and that those who displayed peer like qualities and
mastery with rapier and or cut & thrust weapons should be recognized by the
Order of the Chivalry.

In my heart, I too believed this but I had been saying for years that this
ship had sailed and my brothers and sisters in the Order would never accept
a rapier combatant.

I woke up last night at 3 AM wrestling with my conscience and experienced a
moment of clarity. To try and get it right at least one more time we had to
call the ship back. So I voted no to the proposal to add an additional
peerage - not because I didn't believe that those who mastered rapier / cut
& thrust shouldn't be called Masters of Defense but because I believe they
should be called Sir.

Unless I manage to really muck things up, I should be on the BoD for at
least another couple of years. If in the next year a Crown hasn't stepped
up and elevated a deserving rapier fighter into the Chiv or moved us
significantly closer to this goal, then I will champion the Master of
Defense peerage with all my energy and passion.

I understand that my actions today will be met with disappointment in some
quarters and cheers in others, but this was not a victory for those who are
anti rapier. I hope and believe instead that this is a giant step in the
direction of the most appropriate recognition for many deserving people.

Warm regards,
Andrew Coleman / Ailgheanan

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