I was even more radical, Elasait, said 'no' and then pointed a finger at the 
only peerage not including non-rattan combatants...


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From: Lis Schraer
> (Rumor has it that this is not a sure-thing, but that the Board
> is wavering.  Even a short note which says YES or NO would be
> a good idea.)
> My LONG note to the Board was just sent. :-)
>     Tibor (6 pages, but really only about 4 pages of content)
Just sent mine too, although it was short and sweet (3 paragraphs).
Summary:  I'm extremely opposed to a 4th peerage for fencing only; if
they do one it needs to include archery and equestrian.  To do otherwise
is a slap in the face to aficionados of those pursuits.


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