On 1/16/2015 1:16 PM, Rex Deaver wrote:
> I am not casting any aspersions on either order, just stating observed
> data.

Sorry - I was speaking hoping to avoid future bad behavior, not
condemning any existing behavior.

> I will note that, IMO, in a properly functioning society based on the
> ideals the SCA espouses, the orders would the fighting over who *gets*
> to recognize these folks, not over who *has* to recognize them.

Many moons ago, my friend Master Justin du Coeur observed that
"Peerage is a Patent and a Pigeonhole".

This was his alliterative observation that all Peerages tend to have a
behavioral or personality requirement (Peer-Like Qualities, the
Patent) and also be for excellence in the something the Order
is known for: the Pigeonhole.

I've seen that the two Bestowed Peerages that CAN admit martial
persons for their Pigeonhole, often do just that.  I've even
been part of one or two joint Peerage Meetings where people
talked about candidates, and kind-of fought over them: because
they did BOTH great service and great art.  Or great service
and amazing combat skills.

Generally, the decisions seemed to devolve into which one THIS
Crown wanted to give, and which one a future Crown would be
very likely to give. But often after much desire was expressed
by each Order.

My experience in the Pelican, and my candid-but-confidential
conversations with trusted Laurels, suggest that people DO
fight hard to justify "Patentable" people into the best
available Pigeonhole.

And we ache when we can't, because the right thing should be
done, and it can't be done.

At this time, the Chivalry is the narrowest Pigeonhole of all,
per Corpora.  In my opinion, the Order has been generally
excellent in it's selection of Candidates for their Patent,
and they observe Corpora for the Pigeonhole.

(And I know of one case, expressed to me confidentially, of
a gentle who the Chivalry was DYING to induct, because of
the candidates love of combat and amazing knowledge of
authentic combat - but who couldn't fight well enough.
They begged the Crown to enter this person into the Laurel.
Eventually, that boon was granted.)

I think your observation, Mathurin, is pithy.  But is not
accurate enough to fit my experiences.


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