On 1/20/2015 10:58 AM, Rex Deaver wrote:
> This whole thing has been a shambles; first, the whole idea of a
> separate peerage was a long shot. Then, after proposing a peerage that
> would cover all non-rattan prowess, suddenly the archers and equestrians
> get left out of further discussion with no satisfactory explanation.
> Finally, after three years of this, the rapier community gets told 1) we
> aren't going to give you a separate peerage because you belong in the
> Chivalry and 2) we aren't going the make the changes necessary for you
> to be in the Chivalry.

As unhappy as I am with the situation we are in, I don't see it
as being all that bad.

Some of the people who opposed other people (on all sides) have
been acting badly - but that's not the same thing, and not the
lion's share.

The initial work on an additional Peerage came from a place of good
heart and spirit - albeit one that I fundamentally cannot agree
with.  They felt that certain activities should be eligible for
Peerage, which were largely foreclosed from Peerage.  (I'm not
going to get into why I disagree.)

The 4peerage Yahoo Group discussed the matter for a long time,
worked hard on the idea, and then presented it to the Board.
They wanted to see membership in the Chivalry opened to them,
but felt that was impossible, so they recommended a new
Omnibus Peerage.

Nothing happened.

Certain people took the idea, and added it to the SCA 2010
Census as a series of questions.  (Again: I think there were
both technical problems in how they did that, and political
problems with doing it at all, but they did it.)

They looked at the results, and found that there was more
support for an additional Rapier Peerage by far, than for
an Omnibus Peerage or any other individual new Peerage.

This put them on the reasonable horns of a dilemma - go for
what appeared to be the sole possible result (which was
still a long shot) or fight the absolutely impossible
fight for an Omnibus Peerage.

They chose - that wasn't an unreasonable choice.

The Board has certainly given advocates and opponents every
opportunity to be heard and to provide input, and (for the
SCA) an extraordinarily large number of people did so.

And, while the Board voted no, it did so for REMARKABLE reasons:
   3 Directors voted for a New Peerage for Rapier
   2 Directors were in favor of Peerages for Rapier in the Chivalry
   2 Directors were in favor of an Omnibus New Peerage

This is hardly a fiasco for Rapier: it's a setback, sure.


In fact, the way forward is open.  2 Directors wanted the goal
the originators of the movement desired most, 2 wanted the
goal the originators compromised against, and 3 wanted the
least desired compromise of them all.


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