Meeting of the Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild
Winter Coronation
January 10, 2015

In attendance:
HL Giraude Benet (Guild Head)
Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne (Assistant Guild Head)
HL Johanne of Fisher Gate
HL Kristine Nic Taillier
Lady Judith of Three Rivers
Lady Sibilla Swaine
HL Runa Ketilsdottir
Mistress Esther bat Moshe
Lord Sebastian d’Hinnisdael
Lady Aine nic Taillier
Laurala of Bowden
HL Fiondel Songspinner
Mistress Diachba the Weaver
HL Caera Wyther

Many thanks to Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne for taking notes, and my 
apologies to anyone whose name I have overlooked in these minutes!

HL Giraude opened the meeting with a suggestion that the Guild consider 
amending the Guild Charter to have Guild meetings at events other than 
Crown and Coronation.  During her time as Guild Head, it has been very 
difficult to reserve a meeting room at Crown Tournaments and Coronations 
due to the lack of space/number of people and Royal meetings at the 
event sites.  Having meetings in crowded, noisy Commons Areas is less 
than optimal.  Mistress Diachba said that we should be very cautious 
about making any changes to the Charter.  When the Guild was founded, 
these meeting dates were chosen very specifically. Crown, Coronation and 
Lilies are Royal events which is why they were chosen.  Mistress Esther 
volunteered to contact other Guild heads to see how other Guilds 
schedule their meetings – how often, at what events, etc. If any changes 
are made to the schedule of Fiber and Needle Guild meetings, it would 
only be after careful research, discussion and a vote.

Gryphon’s Mark made an offer to the Guild for meeting space at their 
site, and the opportunity to build a permanent structure for Guild 
activities should we desire.

Giraude did not have many progress updates on the new Guild website.  
The domain name discussed at the previous meeting,, is available.  Mistress Diachba asked 
what sorts of things would we want to put up first on a basic website.  
Giraude answered that we would want a description of the Guild and what 
we do, have the Charter posted, and a list of officers.  Diachba 
suggested that we set a deadline to get at least this much accomplished. 
  The members agreed that the upcoming Crown Tournament would be the 
deadline for having a basic website set up.  The eventual goal is to 
have this information, plus a searchable directory so that people can 
find someone knowledgeable about specific arts/sciences in their area 
from whom to learn.

The next topic of discussion was classes at Lilies.  Master Vincent de 
Vere and HL Kristine Nic Taillier have offered the use of the tent next 
to the Harp during the day for both formal and informal Fiber and Needle 
Guild classes and workshops.  When instructions sign up to teach classes 
through the Lilies website, they can indicate “Harp A&S” as the location 
for their classes.  April 10th is the cutoff date to get the classes 
listed in the Lilies site book.  Mistress Esther will once again be the 
Guild’s class coordinator for Lilies.  People wishing to teach classes 
at the new space can also email Mistress Esther with their name, the 
class name, a brief description, fee, class size limit, and the times 
they wish to teach.

Maintaining a high level of visibility for the Guild at this new tent is 
going to be very crucial.  HL Johanne mentioned that Tammy [Lady 
Twilleliah nic Tallier] will be creating a Guild banner, and the Guild 
will also be using the red silk banner that was painted for us for the 
“Guild War” Lilies.  Last year at Lilies the Fiber Arts tent was a 
smaller tent that was back from the main road, so our visibility was 
reduced last year, and we need to be sure that our presence at Lilies 
does not suffer a further decline.

Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne proposed that the Fiber and Needle Guild to 
sponsor a day of craft and fiber activities at the Youth Tent at Lilies, 
and would further like to challenge the other Guilds of Calontir to do 
the same.  This idea was met with much enthusiasm, and possible kids 
projects were discussed.  Kathryn will be in charge of the challenge.

The Guild will also be having another “Feel of Calontir” at Lilies, 
which will be organized by HL Kathryn Daggett.  It was agreed that 
having “Feel of Calontir” in conjuction with the Cooks Guild “Taste of 
Calontir” worked well last year.  The Fiber and Needle Guild has also 
been invited to have a “Feel of Calontir” at the upcoming Clothier’s 
Seminar, and Guild members are encouraged to bring items of fiber and 
needle work to display, and to spend a bit of time at the display table 
talking to people about the Guild.
Guild elections will also be held at the meeting at Lilies.  HL Giraude 
will be stepping down as Guild Head after serving for two years.  Anyone 
who would like to serve as Guild Head, Assistant Guild Head, or as any 
other officer should consider running.

The final item of business discussed was the group sewing day the Guild 
hosted at Toys for Tots.  The sewing day was a very successful activity. 
  Many Guild members gathered to work on the pilgrim bags, and Lady 
Sibilla also had organized a group who sewed on smaller pouches.  Gyda 
had donated a woven wool band that was used as straps for the bags, HL 
Kathryn Wynterbourne embroidered medallions with the Calon Cross and the 
striking falcon to applique on the bags, and many hands cut, stitched, 
and appliqued to complete five pilgrim bags, with other bags cut and 
ready to complete at a later date.  The Guild gained a few new members 
that day, and we will plan another sewing day once we have heard from 
Countess Issabell, TRM’s chamberlain, about what Their Majesties would 
most like for us to make for them as largesse or for Crown use.

Yours in Service,
HL Giraude Benet
Guild Head
Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild

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