Greetings! It's been a busy time for the Saker office!

The following items were posted in OSCAR tonight. The commentary will 
close a few days early so that I can work with Eyas in the transition of 
Alexandra Shandra Vazquez de-Granada to take over this office:

Adalyde bint Yunus al-Zarqa' - New Name
Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Vyetcikov - New Augmentation of Arms Change
Ástriðr Bersadóttir - New Name & New Device
Damhan Ó Conghalaigh - New Name & New Device
Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al'Sanandaji - New Name & New Device
Einarr Grímsson - New Badge
Elizabeth nic Dhiarmid - New Augmentation of Arms Change
Erich Hlodowechssun fon Hocheichhallu - New Augmentation of Arms Change
Giovanna da Firenze - New Name & New Device
Gwendolyn A'Brook - New Badge
Isengrim sleggja - New Release of Device
Már i Miklagarði - New Name & New Device
Mell MacAlpin - New Name & New Device
Ragnheiðr Refsdóttir - New Name & New Device
Róise ní Ullacháin - New Augmentation of Arms Change
Siobhan MacKee - New Name Change & New Device
Solange de Grimfells - New Name
Tamar bat Avraham - New Name & New Device
Tola Rufusdóhtor - New Name
Xorazne Artsruni - New Name & New Device

Ich hilfe,
Brigida Saker

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