Awards Granted by TRM Agamemnon & Gwen at Twelfth Night

Kristoforus Johannesson - Award of Arms
Arnora of Lonely Tower - Award of Arms
Ganyastmelhijin - Award of Arms
Marajil bint Horoun ibn Almad - Award of Arms
Amon Attwood - Award of Arms
Nesscia inghenn Chearnaigh - Cross of Calontir
Katsumoto Tadamasa - Iren Fyrd
Halldora Gudnirsdottir - Leather Mallet
Sebastian d'Hinnisdael - Leather Mallet
Khalil abd'l-Wahid al-Katib - Leather Mallet
Bietriz la Cristaliere - Leather Mallet
Aleit de la Thomme - Award of Arms
Fionnghuala Inghean Ui Fallamhain - Torse
Shandrake of Vale - Torse
Lewelyth of Loch Bheathrach - Award of Arms
Michael Larson - Award of Arms

Awards Granted by TRM Agamemnon and Gwen at the Coronation of Anton & Isabeau
Geva de Kent - Silver Hammer
Ozurr SviĆ°balki - Torse
Anna Jarlamor - Golden Calon Swan
Giovanna of Three Rivers - Golden Calon Swan
Raganheidr Refsdottir - Award of Arms
Ode de Home - Order of Chivalry
Alison of Forgotten Sea - Award of Arms
Hans Neimann - Grant of Arms
Tarique ibn Akmel el Ghazi - Court Barony
Cecilia de Gatisbury - Queen's Endorsement of Distinction (Courtesy)
Ylva Jonsdottir - Queen's Endorsement of Distinction (Ideals)

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