Fighters, Archers, Equestrians, I am pleased to announce the Calontir Fyrd and MAA Behourd. This season long tourney will run from Chieftains 2015 to Toys for Tots 2015. There will be two different booklets, one for the Fyrd and one for the MAA. Fyrd, your part of the tournament is to challenge as many different MAA as possible. MAA, your part is to challenge as many different Fyrd as possible. Challenges may happen at any event, fighter practice, or gathering but you only get one point per person challenged.

You maybe asking, what if I'm a Fyrd in one discipline but a MAA in another and want to keep my challenges separate. You can pick up one of each. But, what if I'm a Fyrd/MAA in multiple disciplines or the MAA/Fyrd I want to fight is in multiple disciplines or I just don't want two booklets?There will be a portion of each booklet that is marked for Cross Discipline Challenges. The booklets will be large enough to make short notes about the challenges.

Starting with Winter War Maneuvers you can pick up your booklet/s from me, Nakos Theodorosides, at any event I'm at. At WWM I will have 200 of each for Fyrd and MAA to take extras back to their groups. If you have any questions please contact me on Facebook or by email at greeknakos at gmail. 

The intent of this behourd is to promote Fyrd and MAA to mingle and get to know each other better and to pass knowledge on. Oh and remember, once a Fyrd always a Fyrd.

PS Please Cross post as necessary. Thank you. 

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