It's time again to showcase the talents of the scribes throughout Calontir!  There will be space to display scrolls created during TRM, Agamemnon and Gwen's, reign at Coronation this weekend.

If you received a scroll this past reign PLEASE bring it with you. If you know the names of the contributors to the scroll, please write it down on a small piece of paper to let the populace know who the illuminator, calligrapher, and text writers are. If you're unable to attend and are willing to let your scroll travel, please ask someone in your group to bring it with them.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful works of art created during Their reign!  Please share this message with your local group.

If you are looking for additional information about Coronation, please take a look at the event website:

In Service,
Geva & Edward de Kent

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