Please remember that the effort you put forward to produce a class handout can go much further than this one event.

I’m always looking for good handouts or articles on food and food related things to add to the Florilegium.   You keep the copyright, I have no problem with something being published elsewhere and you can always update a handout or article later. For instance, a handout can be replaced by a more polished article or paper at a later date.

In the meantime, folks can still be learning from your work.  I can handle photographs and diagrams, so photos from your class can be included.

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Good afternoon, Calontir!

The Calontir Cooks Guild seeks you- yes, all of you- to teach at our upcoming Cook’s Symposium, “The Art of the Feast!”  While we are always looking for good classes on food and we hope many great cooks will teach, we want to expand our knowledge to the other elements that made up feasting.  Are you a weaver who can talk about table linens?  What about a potter or metal smith who knows about plates and cutlery and aquamaniles?  Are you a performer and can talk about feasting entertainment?  We’d love for you to join us.


Sign-Up is Now Open at

The Symposium will be held April 24-26th, 2015 at Camp Marvin Hillyard in Saint Joseph Missouri. Cabin Space will be available and we will be having our traditional potluck feast.  


Aline Swynbroke and Alianora Jehanette de Olmandiers

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