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> Date: January 29, 2015, 10:46:28 AM CST
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> Subject: [Announcements] Society Archivist - Address Change
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> The Society Archivist's PO Box has expired.  If you have any documents to forward, please begin using the address below immediately.
> Society Archivist
> Charles Alderson
> Aldred Von Lechsend Aus Froschheim
> SCA Archive c/o CT Alderson
> 22650 Markham ST
> Perris, CA 92570
> 760-401-0446
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> Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
> SCA Inc.
> Box 360789
> Milpitas,  CA 95036
> You may also email [log in to unmask]
> This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.
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