* Calendar page: Probably someone has already passed this along, but
    A&S night swapped with Gathering night. Gathering is now the 1st
    Wednesday and A&S is the 4th Wednesday.

  * Calendar page:  I 'm Pretty Sure the fighter practice shown for 7 pm
    on the 13th of each month is NOT accurate. And I don't see the
    Tuesday fighter practices...  Something is definitely not working on
    the calendar for fighter practice. I'd think we should also include
    information/a description for steel combat along with the other
    marshal activities.

  * The Baronial officers page needs to be updated:  Exchequer, Herald,
    and Chronicler have all changed:  Katerine (Kate), Natalya, and
    Morgana are the new officers, respectively. And photos for all the
    Baronial Great Officers would be nice!

  * Location page:  If left on the page, the St. Mark's location should
    be less prominent -- maybe list it as a "back-up" option if the
    library is not available?

  * Music group page:  The list of dates seems both incomplete and way
    in the future.... is the list automatically generated by the calendar?

  * Armored Combat page should probably list both the summer and winter
    locations -- or only the correct current location. Times listed in
    the text are not accurate either.

  * Archery -- we're showing a 2013 archery report -- really? That
    should come down -- unless it's re-stated as an example of a
    report.... or something like that.

Those were the things I noticed in a quick skim of the site.
-- Opal

On 1/21/2015 10:28 PM, TC wrote:
> Ok folks, time to get serious about fixing all the things. First, I 
> would like those with scheduled events to send me what they currently 
> are and I will get them updated! Second, take a quick look at 
> and let me know if you see anything that has incorrect 
> information. Third, could someone with the information to update the 
> Baronial OP get with me to get it caught up? Lastly, please verify you 
> see yourself on the officer page for the correct job, if not let me 
> know and I'll get it and email fixed!
> Thanks!!!!
> YIS,
> Ffelix
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