A lovely good evening to you, oh denizens of our dear barony! I hope everyone found something to enjoy in this holiday season past. However, with the hubbub of winter celebrations behind us, it is time to turn our attentions forward! Winter War Maneuvers will be upon us in the next couple of weeks, where we will have the opportunity to present Their Majesties Calontir with the fruits of our labors. While we may not have letters of unusual size to present, we do currently have several warm hats, a plethora of bags of mulling spices, and other assorted items to warm the hearts of our Kingdom. However, should you have something else you would wish to donate before Winter War Maneuvers, please let me know, so that we might once again show the talent and generosity of our Barony.

In Humble Service,

Halldóra Guðrøðardóttir

Your friendly, neighborhood Largesse Coordinator
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