The Journal Needs You!

The JNSI editorial staff could use some help gathering special topic 
articles and ongoing help with article collection!

*1] SIGNS AND MURALS WRANGLER:* Tips, ideas, materials, pitfalls and 
problems, what works and what doesn't, working with clients on these 
long-range projects, research, planning, etc. A "Special Wrangler" (or a 
small team) would help gather and organize articles and images to use in 
this issue. This would be a one-time position. It would probably be more 
helpful if you had some experience and expertise in signs and murals, 
but that isn't essential. You would not need to edit the articles, 
although some preliminary editing would certainly be welcome.

*2] FRISKET WRANGLER: *We would also like to have a special feature on 
using friskets, and could use a Special Wrangler for this topic. Same 
idea as above, also a one-time deal; we need authors and images. This 
could be one big article or several smaller ones. Uses for friskets in 
media other than watercolor may be explored.

*2] FREE-RANGE WRANGLERS NEEDED:* We can always use people who are 
willing to help on an ongoing basis, to identify potential articles and 
work with authors to get their articles and images to the editing stage. 
It takes quite a bit of time for us to do this for every issue, and we 
are grateful for any help you can offer.

*3] ARTICLES NEEDED (ALWAYS!):* If you have an idea for an topic, either 
an article that you will write or one that you would like to see 
addressed in future issues, please let us know! Do you know anything 
about encaustics? Are you good at acrylics? How about Adobe Illustrator? 
Did you recently discover a great book to review, or an author you think 
might be interesting to the rest of the members? Do you have a business 
question, or a great management idea for your studio that you would like 
to share, or a bit of equipment that you discovered or maybe even built 
for your studio? Please consider sharing with all of us, we welcome your 

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