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Here is Frank’s response to the AMNH job posting thread. As he says below - when he retired they changed his email address. Messages are forwarded, but he cannot post from his new AMNH email.

Happy New Year everyone!

Clara Richardson
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Date: January 8, 2015 at 11:05:28 AM EST
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hi all,

yes! it's great to see that they are going to be filling my position. they suggested they would. but all too often these days such positions are left fallow. this is a rare, full-time staff illustration position for anyone who has the interest and skills in specimen rendering (in this case, drawing fossils). I suspect it will be better suited for someone starting out because, although it is not mentioned in the description, it was earlier suggested to me they would only be filling my slot with an entry level salary. I remember my early days at amnh - it was tough being in NYC on that kind of budget. either way, if there's interest I'd suggest checking it out. who knows...

the paleo dept at amnh is a small team. 4 or 5 curators (and a dozen or so grad students) doing world class research. I do know that along with specimen rendering and photography, there is strong interest in people with science visualization skills (i.e. CT-scan rendering etc.)  FYI the one skill that they will probably be less interested in seeing is dinosaur portraits etc. although these can augment a strong specimen rendering portfolio, my personal experience was that these imaginative skills are asked for far less often in the halls of hard science. but I did get to do one or two pieces along the way, so include your best.

I'm happy to field any general questions, but keep in mind that I have no involvement (and no real influence) on the hiring process. since retirement, note my museum email has been changed (why I can't post to the list these days) to [log in to unmask] - I don't check this box everyday. but do check in once or twice a week.

good luck!


Frank Ippolito
Production Post Studios
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