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On 1/26/2015 11:35 AM, Enrico Ricchiardi wrote:

Since a bit of time I decided to sell the four volumes (Band I-IV) of the work:


René Miksic. Monographie der Cetoniinae der Palaartischen und Orientalischen Region. They where published in the following years:


Band I, Allgemeiner Teil, GymnetiniI - 1976

Band II, Gymnetini II, Phaedimini, Gnathocerini. Heterorrhinini - 1977

Band III, Cetoniini, 1982

Band IV, Cetoniini II, 1987


They are very rare and important books, all hardcover and in good conditions.


If anybody is interested in them (I sell them all only), please write me to have the price, Post costs, ecc.


Enrico Ricchiardi



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