Hola Enio – El envio a Miami te sale mucho más barato . De todas maneras, te daré para los dos destinos y te enviaré una factura.  Gracias a tí.  David
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Hola David, gracias, si esos dos libros.

Y también te agradecería el calculo del envio a Guatemala, pero probablemente será mejor al apartado postal de la UVG en Miami.

Yo te envio los datos entre mañana y el miércoles.

Gracias y saludos.



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Hola Enio – Supongo qe te refieras a Bates ( 6)  y Godman (23). Todavia están disponibles y te  los he apartado mientras. Me va a alegrar si llegan a manos centroamericanas!  ¿Quieres que te calcule envio a Guatemala? o otra dirección juntos pesarán +/- unos 5 kilos). En cuanto me avises, te enviaré una factura para pagar por Paypal o cheque por un banco estadounidense).   Salúdale a Jack de mi parte.  Saludos.  David


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David; ya vendìò los de la Biologìa? Nos interesan aquì en la UVG, Se pueden reservar?




2015-01-25 17:07 GMT-06:00 David Edmonds <[log in to unmask]>:

Dear Colleagues:

After 50+ years of accumulating books, reprints and other materials in the course of my study of dung beetles, the time has come for me to begin finding new homes for many of them. I am not ceasing research activities (although they have diminished). Below is a first list of important works that I want to sell; most are on scarabaeids and many are very scarce and all are single copies. I am offering them first to members of the scarab beetle worker community - so please share this list with others who may have an interest. The list below is but a fraction of what I have on entomology and general works on systematics, taxonomy and biogeography. I will send out a second list later. In the meantime, if you have specific titles, or authors, or subjects you are looking for, please let me know.

All the volumes listed below are in good or better condition. Many have my signature, bookplate or name stamp. Many are old and have scuffs or worn edges or the like; all have been carefully used. Unless stated otherwise, all are hardbound. If you require detailed information (photos, descriptions, etc.) about the condition or other attributes of a particular item, please ask me and I'll do my best to satisfy your query.

Prices take into account the condition, rarity and significance of the items. But I will consider offers below the stated price in most instances. Shipping (normally by US Postal Service) is not included and will vary with weight and destination and buyer's instructions on shipping; for the more expensive items insurance will be required to all destinations where it is available. Unfortunately, insurance is virtually unavailable for destinations outside the U.S., so foreign shipments must be at the buyer's risk. The preferred payment is via PayPal in US dollars; otherwise a check drawn on a US bank is acceptable.

Please e-mail me ([log in to unmask]) to reserve an item; but please do not send payment until I communicate total cost including postage.



  1. Arrow, G. J. 1910-1949. The Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma. London: Taylor and Francis. Part 1 (1910), Coleoptera, Lamellicornia (Cetoniinae and Dynastinae) [322 pp. + 1 color plate]. Part 2 (1917), Coleoptera, Lamellicornia (Rutelinae, Desmonyctinae, and Euchirinae) [387 pp. + 5 plates, one in color]. Part 3 (1931), Coleoptera, Lamellicornia (Coprinae) [428 pp. + 13 plates, one in color  + foldout map “The Indian Empire and Ceylon”] (signed by the author). Part 4 (1949), Coleoptera, Lamellicornia. Lucanidae and Passalidae (published posthumously under the title, The Fauna of India Including Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma and Malaya) [275 pp. + 23 plates, one in color]  (The entire set on lamellicorns, all original editions, Part 3 is signed by Arrow).    $450 set  (If not sold as a set, single part prices are 1] $125; 2] $100; 3] $125; 4] $100. Please let me know if you are interested in only one or more parts.)

  2. Arrow, G. J. 1951. Horned Beetles. A Study of the Fantastic in Nature. The Hague [154 pp. + 15 plates] (edited by W. D. Hincks)   $40

  3. Baguena Corella, L. 1967. Scarabaeoidea de la Fauna Ibero-Balear y Pirenaica. Madrid [576 pp.]  $30

  4. Balthasar, V. 1963. Monographie der Scarabaeidae und Aphodiidae der palaearktischen und orientalischen Region. Coleopter: Scarabaeidae. Band 1 Allgemeiner Teil; Systematischer Teil, 1. Scarabaeinae, 2. Coprinae (Pinotini, Coprini). Band 2 Coprinae (Onitini, Oniticellini, Onthophagini) Prague: Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences [391 + 24 plates; 627 + 26 plates]. (Vol. 2 has some water staining on cover) Two volumes $250

  5. Baraud, J. 1985. Coléopteres Scarabaeoidea. Faune du Nord de l’Afrique. Paris: Ed. Lechevalier [652 pp.] $40

  6. Bates, H. W. 1886-1890. Biologia-Centrali-Americana. Insecta. Coleoptera. Vol. II. Part 2. Pectinicornia and Lamellicornia. [xii + 432 pp. + 24 plates (color). $1,375  (Original edition - not the reprint. See also No. 23 below.)

  7. Blackwelder, R.E. 1944-1957. Checklist of the Coleopterous Insects of Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and South America. Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum, Bull. 185, Parts 1-6 [1492 pp.] (facsimile edition)  $25

  8. Blatchley, W. S. 1910. An Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of the Coleoptera or Beetles (Exclusive of the Rhynchophora) Known to Occur in Indiana. Vols. I [pp. 1-698] and 2 [pp. 699-1386]. Indianapolis.  $150

  9. Costa Lima, A. da 1953. Insetos do Brasil. 8° Tomo. Coleópteros. 2a Parte. Rio de Janeiro [323 pp.] $20

10. Crowson, R. A. 1955. The Natural Classification of the Families of Coleoptera. London: Nathaniel Lloyd & Co. [187 pp.]  $20

11. Dejean, Le Comte. 1837. Catalogue des Coléoptères de la Collection de M. Le Comte Dejean ... Troisième édition, revue, corrigér et augmenté. Paris [503 pp.]  $100

12. Derksen, W. and U. Scheiding 1963 - 1975. Index Litteraturae Entomologicae. Serie II: Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie von 1864 bis 1900. Band I, A-E; Band II, F-L; Band III, M-R; Band IV, S-Z; Band V, Register  Berlin [approx. 2600 pp. in five quarto vols.] (author of Band V is R. Gaedike) (see also Horn, W. and S. Schenkling)  $250  SOLD

13. Duncan, J. 1835. The Naturalist’s Library Conducted by Sir William Jardine … Entomology, Vol. II, Beetles. Edinburgh [269 pp. + 30 colored plates]  $75

14. Erichson, W. F. 1847. Naturgeschichte der Insecten Deutschlands. Erste Abteilung, dritter Band, vierte Lieferung. Berlin [969 pp. + 1 plate]     $100

15. Fabricius, J. C. 1801. Systema eleutheratorum secundum ordines, genera, species, adiectus synonymis, locis, observationibus, descriptionibus. Tomus I. (506 pp.) Tomus II 687 pp. Kiliae: Bibliopolii Academici Novi. (Contemporary boards; foxing; H. Kestner copy)    $575

16. Ferreira, M. C. 1962. Exploration du Parc National de la Garamba. Mission H. de Saeger. Fascicule 30. Coprini (Coleoptera Lamellicornia) Fam. Scarabaeidae. Brussels: Institut des Parcs Nationaux du Congo et du Rwanda [123 pp. + 3 plates + 3 foldout maps)  $50

17. Ferreira, M. C. 1967. Aditamento ao Catálogo do Escarabídeos da Região Etiópica. Tribos Canthonini e Alloscelini  [and]  Os Escarabídeos de Moçambique Revista de Entomologia de Moçambique, vol. 10, nos. 1,2 [778 pp. + 68 plates] (wrappers; heavy, ~ 2.5 kg) $80

18. Ferreira, M. C. 1968-9. Os Escarabídeos de África (Sul do Sáara). I. Revista de Entomologia de Moçambique, vol. 11 [pp. 5-1088 + 288 plates + 44 foldout distribution tables] (wrappers; very heavy ~ 5kg!)  $125

19. Ferreira, M. C. 1978. The Genus Onitis F. of Africa South of the Sahara (Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera). Memoires van die Nasionale Museum, Memoir No. 10 [410 pp.] (wrappers)  $50

20. Gaedike, R. and O. Smetana 1978-1984. Ergänzungen und Berichtigungen zu Walter Horn und Sigmund Schenkling: Index Litteraturae Entomologicae, Serie I, die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie bis inclusive 1863. Teil I: A-K. Beitr. Ent. Berlin 28: 329-436. Bound with ibid., Teil II: L-Z, loc. cit., 34:167-291. $50  SOLD

21. Gemminger, and E. von Harold 1869. Catalogus Coleopterorum hucusque descriptorum synonymicus et systematicus. Tom. IV. Scarabaeidae. Monachii [pp. 979-1346 + Index] (only fair condition) $50

22. Gillet, J.J.E. 1911. Coleopterorum Catalogus Auspiciis et Auxilio W. Junk, editus S. Schenkling, Pars 38, Scarabaeidae: Coprinae I. bound with Boucomont, A. and J.J.E. Gillet 1927, ibid., pars 90, Scarabaeidae: Coprinae II, Termitotroginae. Berlin: W. Junk [100 pp. and 264 pp.]   $120

23. Godman, F. D. 1915. Biologia-Centrali-Americana. Zoology, Botany and Arachaeology. Edited by F. D. Godman and O. Salvin. Introductory Volume. [viii + 147 pp + 2 plates + 8 double-page maps (color)]  $350 (Original edition. See also No. 6 above)

24. Hatch, M. H. 1971. The Beetles of the Pacific Northwest. Part V: Rhipiceroidea, Sternoxi, Phytophaga, Rhyncophora, and Lamellicornia. Seattle [xiv + 662 pp.]  $75

25. Hope, F. W. 1837. The Coleopterist’s Manual, Containing the Lamellicorn Insects of Linneus and Fabricius. London [144 pp. + color frontispiece + 3 plates) (Title page has name stamp of a former owner)  $250

26. Horn, W. and I. Kahle 1935-1937. Über entomologische Sammlungen (Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Entomo-Museologie). Entomologische Beihefte aus Berlin-Dahlem, vols 2-4 [536 pp. + 38 plates]; bound with Sachtleben, H. 1961. Nachträge zu “Walter Horn & Ilse Kahle: Über entomologischen Sammlungen” Beiträge zur Entomologie11: 482-540; and with Horn, W. 1935. Interimistisches Vorwort zu der 2. Auflage meiner Arbeit “Über den Verblieb der entomologischen Sammlungen der Welt” Entomologische Beihefte aus Berlin-Dahlem 2: 1-12    $300  SOLD

27. Horn, W. and S. Schenkling 1928-1929. Index Litteraturae Entomologicae. Serie I: Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie bis inklusive1863. Band I-IV. Berlin-Dahlem [xxi + 1426 pp.]  $250       (see also Derksen, W. and U. Scheiding and Gaedike, R. and O. Smetana)   SOLD

28. Latreille, P. A. 1796. Précis des caractères génériques des insects, disposés dans un ordre naturel. Paris: Prévôt. (1907 facsimile; wrappers)      $50

29. Latreille, P. A. 1810. Considérations Générales sur l’Ordre Naturel des Animaux Composant les Classes des Crustacés, des Arachnides et des Insectes; avec un Tableau Méthodique de leurs Genres, Disposés en Familles. Paris: F. Schoell [444 pp.] (1970 facsímile edition)  $40

30. Le Conte, J. L. 1859. The Coleoptera of Kansas and Eastern New Mexico. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. 2, Article 6 [color map frontispiece + vi + 58 pp. + two B/W plates] (unbound)  $45

31. Le Conte, J. L. and 1883. Classification of the Coleoptera of North America. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, Vol. 26, Pt. 4 (No. 507) [xxxvii + 567 pp.](bound; lacks title page)  $25

32. Leng, C. W. 1920. Catalogue of the Coleoptera of America, North of Mexico. Mt. Vernon, NY: JD Sherman [viii + 470 pp.] together with Supplements 1 – 5, 1927-1948, approx. 420 pp. in wrappers by Leng, Mulcher and Blackwelder; together with J. C. Bradley 1930,  A taxonomic list of the genera of beetles of America North of Mexico). (The complete run of the Leng Catalogue). $125

33. von Lengerken, H. 1954. Die Brutfürsorge und Brutpflegeinstinkte der Käfer. Leipzig [383 pp.] (second edition)  $45

34. Janssens, A. 1940. Monographie des Gymnopleurides (Coleoptera Lamellicornia) Mem. Mus. Roy. Hist. Nat. Belgigue, deuxième série, Fasc. 18 [74 pp. + 2 plates] bound with: Janssens, A. 1940. Monographie des Scarabaeus et Genres Voisins. Ibid., Fasc. 16 [81 pp. + 3 plates] bound with: Janssens, A. 1937. Revision des Onitides. Ibid., Fasc. 11 [200 pp. + 2 foldout plates] (large format)   $150

35. Janssens, A. Institut des Parcs Nationaux du Congo Belge separata (each in wrappers): (a) 1953: Oniticellini of P.N. de l’Upemba [118 pp.]; (b) 1939: Coprini of P.N. Albert [104 pp. + 4 plates]; (c) 1938: Oniticellini of P.N. Albert [22 pp. + 1 plate]; (d) 1938: Onitini of P.N. Albert [18 pp. + 1 plate]; (e) 1938: Scarabaeini of P.N. Albert [76 pp. + 3 plates]  $120

36. Janssens, A. 1960. Faune de Belgique. Insectes, Coléopteres Lamellicornes. Brussels: Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique [411 pp.] (wrappers)  $40

37. d’Orbigny, H. 1902. Mémoire sur les Onthophagides d’Afrique. Ann. Soc. Ent France, vol. 71, 324 pp.  $40

38. d’Orbigny, H. 1913. Synopsis des Onthophagides d’Afrique. Paris [742 pp.] (Reprinted from Ann. Soc. Ent. France, vol. 82)  $65

39. Paulian, R. 1945. Faune de l’Empire Français. III. Coléoptères Scarabéides de l’Indochine. Première Partie. Paris [225 pp. + indices + foldout map]   $75

40. Saeger, H. de 1954. Exploration du Parc National de la Garamba. Mission H. de Saeger. Fasc. 1, Introduction. Bruxelles: Institut des Parcs Nationaux du Congo Belge [107 pp. + 61 plates + 3 foldout maps] (wrappers)  $50

41. Saeger, H. de 1956. Ibid., Fasc. 5. Entomologie, Renseignments Éco-biologiques [555 pp. + 3 foldout maps] (wrappers)  $50

42. Scudder, S. H. 1879. The early types of insects: or the origin and sequence of insect life in Paleozoic times. Memoires of the Boston Society of Natural History, vol 3, no. 11, pp. 319 – 358. (wrappers) $25

43. Scudder, S. H. 1885. Palaeodictyoptera: or the affinities and classification of Paleozoic Hexapoda, with plates xxix – xxxii, winged insects from a paleontological point of view. Memoires of the Boston Society of Natural History, vol. 3, pt. 1, no. 2, pp. 13 - 21. (wrappers) $20

44. Scudder, S. H. 1885. Palaeodictyoptera: or the affinities and classification of Paleozoic Hexapoda, with plates xxix – xxxii, winged insects from a paleontological point of view. Memoires of the Boston Society of Natural History, vol 3, no. 11, pp. 319 – 358.  $25

45. Scudder, S. H. 1893. Tertiary Rhyncophorous Coleoptera of the United States. Monographs of the United States Geological Survey, vol. 21 [206 pp., including 12 plates] $40

46. Scudder, S. H. 1900. Adephagous and Clavicorn Coleoptera from the Tertiary Deposits at Florissant, Colorado, with Descriptions of a Few Other Forms and a Systematic List of the Non-Rhyncophorous Tertiary Coleoptera of North America. Monographs of the United States Geological Survey, vol. 40 [148 pp., including 11plates]  $40

47. Staig, R. A. 1931. The Fabrician Types of Insects in the Hunterian Collection at Glasgow University. Part I. Cambridge [128 pp. + 28 plates].  $30

48. Westwood, J. O. 1839. An introduction to the modern classification of insects founded on the natural habits and corresponding organization of the different families. London. Vol. 1 [plate + xiii + 462 pp., + “Synopsis of the genera of British insects,” 158 pp.]. Vol 2 [xi + 587 pp.]     $125



49. Arnett, R. H. et al. 2001-2002. American Beetles. Vol. I. Archostemata, Myxophaga, Adephaga, Polyphaga: Staphyliniformia. Vol II. Polyphaga: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea. [softcover; 463 + 861 pp.]  $150

50. C.S.I.R.O. 1991. Insects of Australia. Vol. 1, 2. [2nd ed. 1137 pp. total]  $100

51. Evans, A. B. and C. L. Bellamy. 1996. An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles. [208 pp.] $15

52. Grimaldi, D. and M.S. Engle. 2005. Evolution of the Insects.  [755 pp.]   $100

53. Holm, E. and E. Marais. 1992. Fruit Chafers of Southern Africa (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniini. [324 pp., with 32 color plates; signed by both authors]  $95

54. Jameson, M. L. 1997. Phylogenetic analysis of the subtribe Rutelina and revision of the Rutela generic groups. [184 pp.] (wrappers)   $10

54. Klausnitzer, B. 1981. Beetles. [214 pp.].  $20

55. Lawrence, J. F. and E. B. Britton. 1994. Australian Beetles. [192 pp.]  $50

56. Morón, M. A. (ed). 1997-2003. Atlas de los Escarabajos de México. Vol. I Melolonthidae. Vol. II. Scarabaeidae, Trogidae, Passalidae y Lucanidae. [280 + 227 pp]   $125

57. Ratcliffe, B. C. 2003. The dynastine scarab beetles of Costa Rica and Panama. [506 pp.] (wrappers) $25

58. Ratcliffe, B. C. and Cave, R. D. 2006. The dynastine scarab beetles of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. [424 pp.] (wrappers)  $25

59. Ratcliffe, B. C., R. D. Cave and E. Cano. 2013. The dynastine scarab beetles of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. [666 pp.]  $40

60. Reitter, E. 1961. Beetles. [205 pp.]  $25

61. Shalaby, F. 1974. Survey and biological control of the dung beetles of Egypt. Final report (1974-1979). Plant Protection Institute, Cairo [softcover; 603 single-side pp., bound mimeograph; heavy]    $25

62. Insect Morphology - group of classics, as follows: Snodgrass, R. E. 1935. Principles of Insect Morphology [667 pp]; Snodgrass, R. E. 1965. Textbook of Arthropod Anatomy [363 pp]; Matsuda, R. 1965. Morphology and Evolution of the Insect Head [334 pp.]; Matsuda, R. 1970. Morphology and Evolution of the Insect Thorax [431 pp.] softcover;  Matsuda, R. 1976. Morphology and Evolution of the Insect Abdomen [532 pp]; Sharp, D. & F.A.G. Muir. 1912 (1969). The comparative anatomy of the male genital tube in Coleoptera (1969 reprint ex Trans. Ent. Soc. London).  $120 (the group).