I am definitely looking forward to grazing all these delicious morsels.


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> More yummy food to enjoy at Chieftains this weekend!
> Gwendolyn
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> It's almost time! The Barony of Three Rivers is determined that you won't
> go hungry at Chieftains. To whit: *Yet More Food* being served (remember,
> feast is part of your site fee)
> Mustard Sauce (for the Lucanian Sausages)
> Ingredients: Mustard seed, Vinegar, Salt
> Italian Bread
> Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour, Sugar, Salt, Butter, Yeast
> Served with Olive Oil and Herbs (Rosmary, Pepper)
> Olives
> Ingredients: Olives (Kalamata, Greek black, Alfonso, and Greek Green),
> Vineger, Salt
> Fresh Fruits
> Red Grapes, Oranges
> Little Morsels (Biscotti)
> Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour, Sugar, Eggs, Anise Seed, Anise Extract,
> Baking Powder

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