Viel gruessen!

The newest Internal Letter of Intent was published today. On it are the 
following items:

Amon Attwood - Resub Badge
Avraham ben David haKuzari - New Augmentation of Arms
Brian of Loch Rannoch - New Name & New Device
Lucrezia Contarini - New Name & New Device
Severin Sveinsdóttir - New Name & New Device
Søren atte Raven - New Device Change
Ulfa Jonsdottir - New Device Change
Vǫlu-Ingibiǫrg - New Name Change
Yamamoto Masamune - New Name & New Device

Commentary closes in OSCAR on 21 March 2015, either by email to 
<[log in to unmask]> or in OSCAR. The Saker web site has been updated to 
include the pdf of these items.

Ich hilfe,
Brigida Saker

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