If you are an instructor and you have created a handout or an article for your class, please consider helping to educate the rest of the Known World, and send a copy of your handout or article for me to consider adding to the Florilegium.

I am always looking for handouts and articles that would make good additions to the Florilegium. My standard policy is that the copyright remains with the author and I accept updates at any time. 

This means you don’t have to wait until your article is “perfect”, since you can always update it until it is. In the meantime, folks can be learning from your article. Or a handout can later be replaced with a more polished article.

And I have no problem with an article being published elsewhere, either before or after it is in the Florilegium. There are different audiences for each.

Many articles in the Florilegium don’t have pictures, because they weren’t submitted with them. However, I can handle photos and diagrams.

If you are a student in a course, and you think the course was good and had good materials, please encourage the teacher to submit their materials. I fear that many teachers or authors may be afraid their ‘material isn’t good enough’ and simply need your encouragement.

Thanks for listening,

> On Feb 5, 2015, at 1:54 PM, Sheryl Knight <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Greetings All!
> Clothier's Seminar quickly approaches...and the weather forecast is 70 degrees and sunny!!! The schedule is full and all the pre-prep is mostly done. I invite you all to come and enjoy all the knowledge that our awesome instructors are freely offering. But I do want to mention though that with the good weather, we may have a larger attendance than usual. The parking lot is not huge. We have been given permission to park on the grass and that will help but I encourage everyone to consider carpooling to the site. Looking forward to seeing you there.
> Be safe traveling,
> Baroness Briana MacKorkhill, autocrat

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