Greetings Calontir! Vatavia invites one and all to participate in our Roman Games at "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Colosseum" April 24th-26th! Activities include a Gladiator Tourney, the Vatavian Spring Man-at-Arms tourney, a Gladius C&T tourney (gladii...uses... provided), an Archery duel, a Javelin toss, stick horse equestrian activities (including an archery shoot), TWO A&S competitions - Roman Food and Wine, and Roman Graffiti, in any medium (on-site medium also provided), A Bardic competition (no theme!), a Triumph for the Winners, a Roman Feast, lunch tavern and gaming tavern (tokens provided onsite).
Feel free to bring your own stick steeds! We will be looking for entertainers to participate in the Triumph. And don't forget your truly tacky toga for the Toga Party Saturday evening!
Deirdre, steward

Its ALL about the Purple~
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