Gulf War is on the horizon and the Clarion Calls go throughout the lands of Calontir for volunteers to help make Gulf Wars XXIV the Best of the Best!
One way that you can accomplish this is to volunteer with Cry Heralds.  We are the news-bringers to the people.  There are 2 cries per day, Monday-Saturday of war at 10am and 2pm.  There are also table positions available for the receipt of announcements & information.  The Cry Herald Pavilion is open from 9am-3pm Monday-Saturday of War.   Sign up now to get your favourite time and place.  Besides, where else can you “Tell ‘em what to do and where to go”  and have the people love you for it?
Contact M. Jalali of Salamis at: mailto:[log in to unmask]  for more information.
See you there!

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