I apologize in advance for the cross-post.

These are the updates I have been sent. If I have missed anything, please let me know right away. -- Johanne

Good Day! This weekend is Bobbin and Weavin as you all know. Lady Emera Fae, Lady Jehanette and I, Lady Helena, will be attending as a Triumvirate of Chatelaines. If you are a new person with any questions about events or prepping for Gulf we will be happy to help!
Lady Helena of Tor

While the corset class is not happening the cotehardie class will be happening. It is an all day class You will need at least two people in your group. Bring scissors, pins (straight and safety), an old sheet and sewing machine (and no you will NOT get fitted by Johan). Lisette said that 3 people in a group is better . There is a lot of pinning to do.

From 'Aine:  I have had a request for a silk banner class, just a small "how to class." I told her we could probably do that.

From Esther:  I will teach variations on inkle band weaving. (Yes, Johanne – including pick-up!).

We have had at least one request for bobbin lace. 'Aine says she will be able to help with that. She has small kits made up that she uses to teach if you don't have your own set up.

We have had at least one request for double face tablet weaving. Kristine or I will be able to help with that. Have your loom warped with two contrasting colors, one color in holes A & B, the other color in holes C & D. Having at least two border cards on each side, with all four holes threaded in a single color to match your weft, is nice. Have a minimum of 12 pattern cards plus your four border cards threaded.
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