Hello all Good Gentles of Mag Mor,

Isabeau and I are having a discussion meeting about if we want to bring the Brews Guild back to life, and what we want to do as members of the guild, and were we want it to go.

The meeting will be held at our place:
5500 Salt Valley View
Apartment #12
(1 block North of Old Cheney Road, off of South 14th Street or South of Highway 2 past the Pen, heading South on South 14th Street. It will be your last right turn, before you hit Old Cheney Road, heading South on South 14th).


Monday February 22, 2015

You can email me at lenwoodm@ off of the list, if you have questions and I'll give you our phone number too.

Hope to see all you brewers out there in Mag Mor.

Carlos and Isabeau

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