I recently restocked my prismacolors to prepare for a series of
CP illustrations, and in refreshing my color pencil skills I notice a
significant reduction in quality, with many breakages, lead slipping from
the casing, wood splintering when sharpening, etc- the only thing that
hasn't changed for the worse is the working quality of the pencil.

Researching for five minutes leads me to believe the quality has gone to
the dogs ( no offense to dogs of quality!) since the product was sold and
manufacturing moved to Mexico.

Question is: what are people using for colored pencil these days? Are they
just putting up with prismacolor or is there some better alternative? I
know prismacolor are fairly inexpensive and able to restock easily. But the
good price goes away when you have to sharpen a new pencil to 3" long to
get a point on it.

Thanks all,


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