This oil-based-wax-based distinction is a little confusing to me, I had all
colored pencils except the water soluble ones categorized as wax. I suppose
you can use the same solvent for both. It does explain some of the
difference in working quality.
I have been trying the polychromos for a couple years, and the working
quality is somehow "short" compared to PC and frustrating to me.

I have a lovely metal boxed set of polychromos gifted me by my brother, and
I honestly have been using it as a teaching set. I will try it in the
studio a little while, I do have to say there are no breakages at all,
after some fairly unkind treatment!  But I suspect the working quality will
still be annoying to me. I think I'm going to try a small number of Derwent
color soft, I really like their water soluble Graphitint pencils
for sketching out in the world.

I wonder about the caran d'ache line, Luminance. They are claiming to be
non-breaking, and lightfast. They are also wax-based.... But, $4 each
pencil.  Holy cow that's a costly pencil! But if there is no breakage and I
can allow original color pencil drawings to escape their light resistant
vault, might they be worth it?



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