CS4 was a dog anyway ;)

You might read this forum for some help, but I don' think it will completely solve the problem:

A workaround for now is to save out the file as a PSD PDF.

You might also look at making sure JAVA for OS X is up to date. CS6 seems to work for most.


On 2/3/15 11:48 PM, Taina Litwak wrote:
> Any advise appreciated.   Last week had to do clean install new OS onto 4 yr old iMac.  Yosemite - a Dreaded day.  It's pretty much all back working, (scanner, printers, wacom, Osirix, Firefox, etc.) but in Full from the CD reinstall - CS4 has lost the ability to place PSD files in AI.  It will take jpgs.  On start up, the program says "some plug ins have been updated" - restart to utilize, but restarting does nada.
> Is there a third party plug in that facilitates that sort of file placing and keeping them linked?  I totally need that capability.  Adobe has told me before, on 2 occasions unrelated that they no longer support CS4 at all, so there is no sense asking them.  Help!

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