Oh, dear, it looks like that time again...Time to upgrade. 
Apparently the rule of law is that if one small (but vital) program needs upgrading then it follows that the OS, the design suites, the printers, and office suites all have to be upgraded. Don't know who's law that is but I really dislike them at the moment.

Has anyone loved or hated the Adobe Design Cloud suite?  (I use CS5 suite). I know there has been a fairly recent thread with some likes.

I have to upgrade my QuickBook Pro software for MAC. My last version was 2010, and with my OS of 10.6.8, well the dominoes start falling.

There is a Quickbooks online, but the reviews for Mac are NOT glowing. 
Anyone have bookkeeping preferences that cross-platform (windows/mac)? I'm sure they will need upgraded operating systems, too. 

Just wondering.
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