FYI, a forward at the request of the SEL Research Leader for a position within the Systematic Entomology Laboratory and based out at Beltsville.  As with the recent Lepidoptera positions, a relatively short turn-around time so please be aware of the deadline if interested in joining us in the Department of Entomology (sensu lato)!



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Subject: Museum Specialist postion (Beltsville) to open!

Greetings all -  I have great news here!  We have just been told that the Museum Specialist position (GS-7/9) at Beltsville will open tonight and close 10 business days later on February 25th.

Please pass this information on to all eligible and qualified individuals.

Below are the links for the position announcement:


Merit Promotion:

I'm excited about this opportunity to bring another member to our team!



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