The Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture’s Entomology Program is preparing for its 2015 survey season.  Our program is responsible for survey of exotic and damaging insect pests to PA’s agricultural industries that include wood destroying beetles and exotic threats such as Asian Longhorn Beetle and Spotted Lanternfly.  As part of retention policy material not incorporated into our collection is retained for 3 years (due to space limitations).  We are now offering our 2011 material to other institutions, collections, researchers, collectors, or students before it is trashed.  

Available material includes these taxa (listed in decreasing order of abundance), all which are already identified to species (or as close to): Curculionidae: Scolytinae, Cerambycidae, Pentatomoidea (Pentatomidae, Thyreocoridae, Cydnidae, Scutelleridae, Acanthosomatidae), Cleridae, Buprestidae, and Siricidae.  The material encompasses close to 60,000+ specimens and 300+ species with all the information needed for a museum quality label. All material is currently stored in alcohol and lumped together by the above groupings (i.e. all species of Cerambycidae from a collection event are placed into one vial).  

The ideal time frame for transfer of the material would take place this spring, preferably before May.  If material needs to be set aside for a later transfer date this can be arranged.  There are limited funds available for dispersal of this material so the onus of transfer will fall largely on the receiver.  Preference will be given to PA institutions and researchers.  

If any of the material is interesting or you would like more information please contact Lawrence Barringer ([log in to unmask]). Detailed outputs from our database can be quickly tailored to provide you with pertinent information on your taxa of interest.  


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