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Indeed, a most crucial text, demonstrating that the celebrated anti-textbook is not that much anti-mainstream.


The argument in this little most foundational text is much in line with the earlier formal inconsistency proofs of steve keen and others (among them, my own textbook “the microeconomics of complex economies”, elsevier 2015 – end of commercial break).


As I would like to cite that piece but could not find it googling, could you provide the source? Thanks.











Dr Wolfram Elsner

Professor of Economics, University of Bremen, Business Studies & Economics
iino – Institute of Institutional & Innovation Economics,

*  President, 2012-16, EAEPE—European Assoc for Evolutionary Political Economy.

*  Adjunct Prof, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Doctoral Faculty, Economics Dept.

*  Managing Editor, FSE—Forum for Social Economics, Taylor&Francis.



* NEW TEXTBOOK:  MICROECONOMICS of Complex Economies. Evolutionary, Institutional, Neoclassical and Complexity Perspectives, Amsterdam, Boston et al.: Elsevier/Academic Pr., 2014, with T. Heinrich and H. Schwardt;





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This comes from the autistic movement in France. An interesting read.