Call for Panelists
AFEE at the 2016 ASSA Annual Meetings
January 3–5, 2016. San Francisco, USA

Dear AFEEers, 
We are trying to organize one (or two) session on the following topics:
(1)  The Organizational History of Heterodox Economics 

(2) The History of Economic Analysis (with a focus on “institutions”)
The panel(s) aims to discuss the organizational history of heterodox economics and/or the history of heterodox economic theories. The focal point is to address the co-development of various heterodox economics traditions, such as institutional economics, Marxian-radical political economics, Post Keynesian economics, social economics, feminist economics, and other heterodox approaches. More specifically, we are interested in papers dealing with (i) the importance of the history of heterodox associations and communities, (ii) heterodox economics movements, and (iii) the historical analysis of “institutions” from various heterodox perspectives.  
There is a possibility that either or both of these sessions could be organized as a joint session (AFEE-ASE, AFEE-IAFFE, or AFEE-URPE), if a member of ASE, IAFEE, or URPE wishes to participate. 

We encourage young heterodox economists to submit their paper proposals. Also we encourage senior heterodox economists to participate in either of the sessions as discussants. 
If you are interested in either of the proposed themes (as a presenter or discussant), please email us, Tae-Hee Jo ([log in to unmask]) and Felipe Almeida ([log in to unmask]) by March 13, 2015, along with the author information and a short abstract (50 words, for ASSA) and long abstract (250 words for program chair).
For the details of the AFEE 2016 proposals, see the AFEE call for papers here:


Tae-Hee Jo and Felipe Almeida

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