Hello Calontir!

I'd like to announce the return of:

Sweets for the Sweet!

TEN YEARS of sweet, syrupy alcohol just isn't enough for the sweet ladies
of Calontir!

Once again, the collected brewers of the Knowne World have the opportunity
to win the hearts (and palates) of the lovely ladies who compare stout to
motor oil, porter to swamp muck, and dry wine to harsh vinegar.  Too long
have these poor ladies sat in miserable sobriety!  This must be cured!

All sweet alcohols are eligible -- cider, wine, mead, beer, even cordials
and liqueurs.  (As usual, cordials and liqueurs should be based on a
neutral store-bought spirit.)  Any beverage you have personally produced
may be entered.

Judging will be by a panel of sweet ladies of Calontir, with at least one
experienced brewer for the more technical aspects.  The judges will be
looking for the following, in order:

        1. Taste.  Aim for the sweet spot.
        2. Period ingredients.
        3. Period brewing techniques.

Minimum documentation: an ingredient list, in case of allergies among the
judges.  More documentation is always better.

The competition is tentatively scheduled for the second Saturday, check the
Lilies schedule for the definite time.

Please help me carry on this wonderful tradition, and help some sweet ladies
get sweeter!

HL Elynor of Glastonbury

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