Good Morning Calontir!

As you know the deadline for entering Kingdom Arts and Sciences is fast
approaching, and we are diligently working to make sure we have every
entrant and judge form entered into our system.  However, there seems to be
a few glitches in the system, and while the wonderful Web Minister is
hunting down the gremlin that caused these glitches, we are concerned that
some of the forms may have slipped through the cracks in to the netherworld
of cyber space.

We need your help Calontir!  If you sent in a form, either as an entrant or
as a judge, we are asking you to double check the website for you name.

Championship entries can be found here:

Tri-Level entries can be found here:

Judges can be found here:

If you sent in a form and you don’t see your name on the appropriate list
please contact Mistress Ishmala​ at [log in to unmask] or myself at
[log in to unmask]

We sincerely thank you for your help in this matter. And if you have any
questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont

P.S.  Please feel free to cross post this missive to any appropriate list
or page.

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